Bloc Evolution E8017 Goggles

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 The dual adjustment strap and helmet compatibility make the Evolution goggles an ideal partner for your winter sports adventure. Fogging is no longer a problem as vents direct airflow over BLOC goggle lenses, stopping moisture from settling. Anti-fog coating stops water droplets clinging onto lenses and blocking vision. Plus, BLOC XT6000 double lenses stop cold mountain air condensing with warm air inside the goggle. The polycarbonate outer lens gives extraordinary impact protection. Clarity and a wide field of vision are also assured. Tri layer moisture wicking insulated fleece ensures your face is snug, warm and comfortable.

Maximum UV protectionHelmet compatibleSuperior XT Anti- Fog dual lensExceptional field of visionTri layer moisture wicking insulated fleeceDual adjustment strap.Suites medium to large facesOTG (over the glasses) compatibleExceed European directive 89/686/EEC in accordance with the Norm EN174:2001Silicone non slip head strap