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Aaron Toms - expert ski boot fitter

Aaron Toms

Qualified Ski Technician/Boot Fitter

Aaron is our chief boot fitter and can adapt boots and insoles to suit every foot! 

Aaron's knowledge of boot fitting is the best and he has a great reputation for comfortable fitting ski boots, so head on down if you want to experience comfortable skiing for longer!

Aaron is in the shop Thursday to Sunday, outside these times he runs his very busy carpentry company, Timber Finishes.

He has been skiing since the age of 3 and was on his way into racing through training until it was curtailed through an unfortunate illness. Since then he has gone on family ski holidays each year. He is confident on and off piste and enjoys the 'untouched slopes'. Since the ski test in February 2015 he has the bug for night skiing. He likes to push his limits and try new ventures so is starting out Ski Touring - on Volkl VTA88, The Volkl Mantra and Elan Ripstick 96 are Aaron's choices of ski - they take him anywhere when not touring. He also uses the Volkl Revolt 86 when skiing with Caz. 

Caz Toms - Ski Helmet & Goggle guru and qualified boot fitter

Cazandra Toms

Qualified Boot Fitter and Helmet & Goggles Guru

Caz is Aaron's wife and has been skiing since 2010. She is a cautious 'fair weather skier' who enjoys the blues and reds more than the black slopes!

You can see Caz in the shop Friday-Sunday. The rest of the week she is a qualified Head Veternary Nurse for Greenbay Vets, Torquay. Her knowledge of helmets and goggles is second to none and the one to ask if you need body protection. Caz's ski of choice is the Volkl Yumi - she is unlikely to ski anything else!



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Devon Ski Dogs

Xeva the lurcher adopted us in 2011 when she was found in a bin less than 24hours old!! She is Aaron girl and does nothing Caz says! 

Brody the spaniel was abandoned in 2016 several times before finding us. He is a typical crazy spaniel when out and about and loves everybody!

If they are in the shop, Xeva will be heard before being seen! During the summer they will be sporting and testing a new range of Pet Accessories to include Julius-K9, Kong and others... this is one area we aim to expand into after lots of new interest in our new location. Watch out for their posts.