Rossignol Alltrack Pro 110 LYT Mens Ski Boots

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Brand new for the 2018/19 season, the Rossignol Alltrack Pro 110 LT is set to take the all terrain touring boot market by storm! It is based on the classic Alltrack Pro 110 shape, however boasts a new generative grid design to give the boot a much lighter construction by reducing the thickness, yet still retains the needed stiffness. Furthermore, it features new Hike Mode 2.0 which gives the Alltrack Pro 110 LT a whopping 50° of motion by simply pulling up on the lever located on the rear of the boot. All of this together ensures the boot has maximum uphill capabilities like a traditional touring boot, yet skis down like an alpine boot. The sole features integrated tech inserts allowing it to fit into low tech touring bindings as well as keeping an alpine sole so it can fit into a standard alpine binding meaning you can keep one boot for all conditions. Other features include Thinsulate Platinum insulation in the forefoot of the liner to keep you warm on the mountain, plus a full custom liner for the perfect fit.

Generative Design Grid

Its generative design grid structure allows material thickness to be reduced to save weight, while ensuring a sufficiently rigid structure for excellent skiability. This design has also allowed the length of the shell to be reduced from 308mm (26.5 at the waist) to 305mm, to create a more compact, slim and high-performance boot.

Dual Core

The Dual Core technology has proven its worth on the world cup Hero boots, where efficiency is the key focus. Based on an adaption of Free Touring boots, this technology reinforces the flexion and torsion of the lower boot structure to guarantee skiability while retaining unparalleled progressive flex.

Hike Mode 2.0

New redesigned Hike Mode, with;

An optimised axis of rotation – 6mm lower in comparison with an AllTrack Boot.

A new construction at the bottom of the shell cut away at the rear, wider opening of the cuff towards the rear angle range of motion > 50° for very high freedom of movement on ascents.

A metal/metal unlocking mechanism for the cuff to create a more rigid boot structure. This design results in a higher flex index and enhanced performance in a boot with a fixed cuff.

Instep Insert

An insert made from flexible materials is placed on top of the shell to allow easier foot entry. This ensures that the boot is still easy to put on, despite the high flex index and very rigid plastic material.

Full Custom Optisensor Liner

The liners have been specifically designed for these new Alltrack LT boots. They are light, anatomical and customisable – offering both support and foot wrap during different uses of the boot. The lower part of these liners is pre-shaped around the ankle bone and therefore adapts to ensure a snug fit with the shell’s internal last. The shape can be seen on the outside of the liner.


This thermo-plastic material is one of the lightest on the market and offers very good resistance. It can be used with high-density modules to reduces thickness.


  • Last: 100mm

  • Flex: 10

  • Weight: 1590g per half pair

  • Polyolefine Shell

  • Dual Core Technology

  • Polyolefine Cuff

  • 50° Range of Motion

  • Hike Mode 2.0

  • Full Custom Optisensor T2 Liner

  • Forefoot Thinsulate Platinum Insulation

  • Low Tech Insert