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We are only taking GOOD condition, Junior second hand items due to poor sales in Adult second hand.

We carry a chosen selection of Junior second hand boots, skis and clothing. The perfect way to get into the wonderful sport of skiing for children who are continously growing!

We sell these items on the customer's behalf.
We can accept no responsibility for any damage/loss which arises from using these items, all are purhcased at your own liability/risk. 
Devon Ski cannot guarantee these items have been stored as per the manufacturer's guidelines and we have no idea how long the previous owner has owned the items.
ALL Skis must be serviced before sale, otherwise a service charge of £40 will be taken off the sale price.

As of September 2015. 
As the second items are sold on the customers' behalf payment must be CASH only.
Half of the value is returned to the customer as cash, the other half is returned as a Devon Ski Voucher. This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
Devon Ski take no commission from the sale.